RR230M (RC230M) Remote Control for Onkyo® Audio Video Systems

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Jorge Figueroa
¿Este control es compatible con un equipo IRT CM-2300?

Estimados (as), ¿este control remoto infrarojo es compatible con mi equipo de música IRT "Centro Musical modelo CM-2300"?. Este es un equipo fabricado en Chile app año1987 por IRT / RCA Victor, el cual posee: 1) Un sintonizador AM/FM con seis teclas programables, y tecla mode. 2) Doble casettera (Deck) para reproducir y grabar de casette a casette. 3) Un sistema integrado de amplificación con un ecualizador de 7 bandas / graficas. 4) Sistema Dolby NR con techa para su activación. 5) Teclas "Tape A y Tape B" 6) Teclas de funciones "Tape, Phono, Tuner, CD y Tv/Vtr". 7) En su parte frontal posee una entrada para phono y micrófono, 8) en su parte posterior posee una salida RCA para Phono , otra RCA para CD y otra para TV/VTR. Muchas gracias.

Barry Linsley

This customer rated this item 5 out of 5 stars (left no comment).

David Diehl

Item came promptly and after a few minutes of playing around, it is working fine. Problem was mine, not the remote.

J LeMaster

The video source selector buttons don't allow the selection of video inputs 4 and 5. The black lettering on a dark purple background for the input selector buttons is much too dark for anyone to read (and I have good vision!). A lighter color like yellow would be better. The most troublesome problem is that the buttons don't always generate a response from the unit. I have to push the buttons really hard to get something to happen. The worst is when the power button doesn't even work. I have to rattle the remote and tap on my hand a few times to get it to work. Being able to power the unit on and off remotely was one of the main reasons I bought a replacement remote, so it's pretty disappointing when even that basic function doesn't work. All in all, I would not buy this product again. I actually hadn't planned on providing feedback about this remote, because it didn't seem worth it. But when I received an email from this site asking me to do so, I decided I would take the time to provide a review in the hope that it might help improve the product.

norman katz

Exactly as described.

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