RRCM7500 Remote Control for Channel Master® DVR Systems

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Lori Enblom
It works Yay

I does work for the channel master right away. Had to work on getting it to work with my older Sony TV. Still I few things that don't work. It turns the TV off but not on so I have to use my old remote to turn on the TV.

Both "ON and OFF" Power Buttons turn off but neither turn ON power

Remote ANDERIC RRCM7500 and DVR+  Model 7500 TB1.  Both the "ON and OFF" Power Buttons turn the DVR and TV OFF but neither will turn power back on.  (NOTE FOR INFO the Volume and the "Input" buttons also did not work on the DVR or TV until the Sony TV program code was used with the TV on as directed.) Now other than the power buttons the remote works very well on the DVR.

Very happy!

We are so glad to replace our old channel master remote! Price was right so we bought three of them - we've worn out two in our lifetime. Out of the box it doesn't light up. I remember reading there is a setting for that but haven't dug out the documentation to fix it. Seems to me the default should be "light up".

My remote worked right out of the box - awesome! but after using it awhile it was not working well, I must have "done something" to clear all the settings. Maybe I pushed the yellow button? Anyway - it shouldn't be so easy to mess it up without warning imho. I basically took out another remote and it works great.

Smallest complaint is that you can't lean on the volume button you have to push it and let it go for each increment. We can live with that.

Definitely worth the price and am very happy.


Excellent replacement for original Channel Master CM7500 remote that has been discontinued by Channel Master. Works great with same functions but not is same order of as original remote. Yet not a problem once you get used to the new positions.

Raymond R
Did Not Work

Did not work for Channel Master 7003. No product codes listed for any Channel Master products.

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